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Partial Wraps

work truck vehicle wraps

There are different types of vehicle wraps. Usually they are split up into spot graphics, partial wraps and full wraps.

Spot Graphics - also known as “vinyl cut graphics & lettering” are printed or solid color cut vinyl lettering that is applied to the doors and usually the back or tailgate of the vehicle.

Partial Wraps - are vehicle wraps usually 25% - 75% of the vehicle is wrapped usually along with some spot graphics.

Full Wraps - are full wraps covering the entire vehicle usually without the roof. Roofs are usually additional in cost.

Usually a wrap requiring more graphics covering to going to have a higher price than one with fewer graphics. We don’t want to scare our customers away with a full wrap price if their budget doesn’t allow it.

We want to work with you and a lot of times partial wraps are just as effective as a full wrap in an advertising sense.

Bring your business on the map with a brand new vehicle wrap! Contact us for a quote or make an appointment for a consultation on your vehicle wrap needs. We are here to help! 586-239-8389

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