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Advertising Power of a Vehicle Wrap

Just think…You are driving down a 3 lane busy road and suddenly you look to your right and there it is - a brightly colored, appealing van with pictures that totally catch your eye. Even if you don't want to read it - it's there. You look again trying to stay focused on the road and it is a wrapped van featuring a business you have never heard of but have been looking for a company that offers this service. Bam! Going to grab your phone and contact them when you reach your destination.

Or perhaps it’s a business that offers a service a friend needs. No matter what the reason, you are going to remember this business because of the vehicle advertisement that was whizzing past you on the busy road while you were driving. You can’t miss it because it’s right there SHOUTING at you. Either way you look at it, that company WON with you because you looked at it. Just looking at it with your eyes – they won you over. Even if you don’t contact the business – most likely you are going to remember it.

Getting an Advertising Vehicle Wrap is a WIN – WIN in many aspects. Did you know you get more attention on a vehicle wrap than a freeway billboard? Why not utilize your company vehicle whenever it’s moving or even parked in a crowded parking lot? Where ever you are. You may look at traffic differently when you are driving your advertising. If you have a dedicated company vehicle or fleet of vehicles the answer is to have your vehicle wrapped.

Laporte Graphics has you covered – from unique designs to high resolution production with quality 3M materials down to the expert wrap installation with our 3M Preferred Graphics Installers. We have over 25 years of experience in the Metro Detroit Area bringing lots of attention to local businesses thru advertising on their company vehicles. We don’t dabble in Vehicle Wraps — We are Vehicle Wraps! We are the pros!

In our years of experience as expert vehicle wrap producers, we can almost guarantee your company will garner more sales. Yes we have social media to advertise your services/brand name and word of mouth to advertise but what if you could utilize those two mediums along with a custom company vehicle wrap to gather those potential customers for your business? They all work together. That’s The POWER of a Vehicle Wrap.

Contact Laporte Graphics for a quote on your company vehicle advertising. 586-239-8389


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