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Urban Camo Kits

Updated: 6 days ago

Do it yourself Urban Camo Kits exclusively invented by Brendin Laporte at Laporte Graphics back in 2017 are a perfect way for DIY'er and wrappers to add camo shapes to their car without having to buy a full wrap. Don't settle for cheap imitations.

Each Urban Camo Kit comes with easy installation instructions and a free squeegee with every order. Depending on your coverage amount each kit will fit a standard sized car. If you have a truck or SUV you may want to order a few kits for more coverage. I depends on the look you want to accomplish.

You and mix and match different colors to see what looks great on your vehicle. Your options are endless with designing.

Use your freedom to use your vehicles original paint color to enhance the look with the vinyl shapes added to your car to create the camouflage look you've been wanting.

The color combinations we offer are not set in stone. We will alter colors to your desire.

Call 586-239-8389 or email us on your color choices and we can let you know how to place your order.

We look forward to serving you!

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