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Wrap Care Recommendations

At Laporte Graphics with every vehicle wrap purchased we provide a Wrap Care Kit with Maguiar’s Deep Crystal® Soap that also includes instructions on the care of your wrap to last many years. With the help of the 3M Wrap Care Bulletin we have put together helpful instructions.

When dropping your vehicle off please make sure it’s clean especially if driving on dirt roads. Even if it is a quick $2 wash anything helps for the installation to go smoothly. No wax. Dropping off the night before your scheduled morning installation works best so it stays heated indoors for best installation practices.

We also recommend any Metro Detroit Jax Car Wash Locations for detailing but do not wax your vehicle before wrapping.

Care for your vehicle graphics like you would any fine paint finish. Using high quality products like Maguiar’s designed specifically for car care will help keep your graphics looking their best. They also carry quality marine products for your boat.

Do not use any wax or spray wax on your wrap as this could cause the edges to lift.

Any difficult contaminants such as bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and similar contaminants by soaking them for several minutes with very hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry. If further cleaning is needed test on of these products in an inconspicuous area to ensure no damage to the graphics: Meguiar’s Gold Class™ Bug and Tar Remover or 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (two parts IPA to 1 part water) or denatured alcohol may also help. Spot clean the contaminants. Do not use rough scrubbing or abrasive tools, which will scratch the film. Wash and rinse off all residue immediately.

If any fuel spills happen wipe off immediately to avoid degrading the vinyl and adhesive. Then wash, rinse and dry as in our “Wash Regularly” section on our wrap care sheet as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the cleaning or care of your wrap we are here anytime for questions. Call the Laporte Graphics Wrap Experts at 586-239-8389


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